Keep your tree hydrated

The most important thing to remember is to keep your tree hydrated! If you give your tree every opportunity possible to take up and retain water, it will stay green and retain its needles longer.

After you select your tree

We will slice a small round from the tree’s stump. This fresh cut allows your tree to take up water. Be sure to put your tree in water within an hour—the faster the better. Otherwise, the tree’s natural reaction will be to seal off the wound with a sappy resin, which will inhibit it from absorbing water.


If you buy your tree early

Store it outside in bucket of water in a shady area sheltered from the wind until you are ready to bring it in and decorate it.

Once you have the tree inside

Check the water level twice a day. Your tree will take in a lot of water, especially in the first few days after a fresh cut and after being brought into a nice warm house. You will also need to keep your tree away from heat vents/heat sources, cold air returns, and direct sun.

Garland & Wreath Care

These beautiful and fragrant decorations can be sensitive to the same  winter conditions that tend to dry out our own skin and chap our cheeks. Some things that can dry out your greens can be; direct sunlight, heaters, fire places, heat vents, cold air returns, extreme cold, wind, decorative lights or candles. 

A simple way to keep things supple is to mist your wreaths and garland with water every often. 

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